Adding two points to Xtrace on a chart

I need to let the operator choose two points on a chart (like 8AM an 11AM) and it would show the xtrace line for each time stamp.

I tried this module below , but I couldnt make it do what i need. Any recommendations?

Notechart can only show one X-Trace (with values) at a time, same as the built-in charts. Notechart does allow you to place (many) timestamped annotations wherever you wish, and the operator can click on them to accurately activate X-Trace at that point. The mouse events in Notechart have the extra event property domainTS that holds the timestamp you need to script the creation of an annotation. Annotations can be supplied in either of two datasets, notes and altNotes, for programmer convenience (bind one to a DB query, use the other for scripting, perhaps).

Putting two complete X-Traces with values would be rather difficult, with all of the spacing/scaling/non-overlap calculations involved.

Thanks! Ill see if I can get notechart to meet our needs. Thanks!

Two x-traces is pretty common though, Factory Talk, Wonderware Intouch, Citect Process Analyst, Pi, all let you have two cursors or x-traces and then can show you the value of the time series at each one or the change from one to the next.

I’ve mentioned this sort of thing before as well, but as a request for the stock easy chart component. I posted it to the ideas section for people to vote on.

Upvote to help the devs see this as something worth working on :slight_smile:

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I voted! Thanks. We were able to come up with a workaround, but its not perfect. We are doing a migration from WW, and the old system had the functionality.

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