Additional levels of alarm priority/severity

Hi everyone,

We are currently trying to meet a spec requirement on alarm severity where we are required to give each alarm a severity level with int values 1-9. From what I can tell, Ignition only allows 0-4 (diagnostic, low, etc.). Is there any way to expand these options or a work around?

My first plan was to just use Associated Data, but I don’t believe there is a way to make this work well the the Alarm Status Component. (e.g. display as a column and sorting).

I also tried just binding the Priority level to an int value higher than 4. The binding worked without error, but I believe is overridden to 4 when the alarm is generated because alarms still show as “Very High” priority on the Alarm Status Component.

The only other thing I can think of is using the Notes property. This would allow showing the severity on the Alarm Status Component as a column, but not allow sortation based on priority. I’d rather not have to do this because I don’t think there is anyway to override the “Notes” column header.