Additional View on Table Component

Respected Gurus,

  1. I have a Table in my View which have 14 columns returned from a DB Query,
  2. I want to append a Delete Button at the end of the Row
  3. I've added one more row in Column Property of the table as shown in the SS

yet while navigating I don't see it configured at all

This is my View of the Delete Button

can someone guide me, please?

Thank you in Advance to the fantastic community here.

From the screengrab of the table header I suspect that you don't have a field called deleteButton in the dataset (because it's showing Column_15). That means the column won't render your view.

If you have a spare column in your dataset then use that. If not then try adding an additional column. It would be least confusing if you make it a boolean although you won't be using the actual value.

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Got it, my assumption was that I could have unlimited columns regardless of the number of fields in the DB. Thank you for the guidance @Transistor Appreciated.