Addling schedule to calculated to users a in calculated roster

In the notification pipeline I am looking into creating a calculated roster and add users using the builder object. However, I don’t see an option to add a schedule to the user object. Am I missing something?

I am also interested in this and will be testing out soon. Do you have an update? If not I will update when I find out. It is weird that the documentation does not mention anything about schedule. We have already talked about a workaround, basically when you pull the users to embed into the builder object, you could check and see if they are currently scheduled using the scripting function. Our thought process is to continue to manage users and contact info thru the regular authentication profiles, but create a separate table to hold roster/username/sort order/etc.

If you look at the raw settings viewer you could build out the table to mimic what Inductive uses in the internal DB.

I still dont understand why a scripting function was never created to manage rosters. seems simple enough.

The Calculated Roster primary usage would be to use an external datasource to manage the notifications items. Currently there aren’t any hooks into the built in Ignition schedules.

The way I would suggest dealing with schedules is to create a table(s) in the db to contain the data needed for scheduling items and required fields for notification and use a query to get the information. You can then use case statements to build out the appropriate group to notify like the Looping through Users example in the manual