Addressing Schneider PLC

I write for asking help about how to address schneider PLC, i configured the connection like the picture below the connection

it gets connected as well but when I try to address tags are in bad state

I tried [Modbus1]HR16 but i get nothing :frowning:

the indications say

Please i wil thanks very much if you can help me with this.


Carolina :prayer:


Try the following:

  • try addressing the next register:[Modbus1]HR17 instead. See if you get a good value. If you do, you may be need to check if the device is using 1-based or 0-based addressing and change the connection settings accordingly
  • see if there is a unit ID other than 0. For example, for a unitID of 1, the address should be "[Modbus1]1.HR16
  • I see you are using Serial RTU - is that what you intend to use? (Or is it RTU over TCP, or just simply Modbus TCP?)
  • See if there are any errors in the Gateway console related to your Modbus connection. If so, what are they?
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