Adhoc Trending datapull

Hello all,

When i pull data for a tag using the adhoc trending feature for one hour I get data (In XLSX) with high frequency (eg. every second) but when I pull data for 3 months i get data in excel(XLSX) which has dat for every 15 mins ? Why cant i get data for every second there too ?

Its a guess, but the row limit might be an issue since you are talking about almost 4,000,000 rows, and i believe the excel limit is 1,048,576.

Is there anywhere we can define the frequency ?

Looks like the history resolution is the way to adjust the interval. I did test dataset.exportExcel() with 4 million rows, and it does stop at 1,048,576.

I don’t have a tag history with nearly enough rows, but i did manage to create a test table with 4 million rows and plot it with a regular chart, which my cpu very much did not like.