Adjust margin in a project with a heritable menu

I am using a inheritable project with tree menu, the windows added are so near from the tree view nav.

I want to move closer the window (right side) to the tree view navigation, and reduce the margin marked with red. Does anyone know how to adjust the margin from this another project as the added previous window (marked with blue)?

I appreciate any help or suggestion.

That looks like a Vision application. Add the appropriate tag to your question to attract the right audience (which isn't me).

Compare the two windows component layout properties. I'm sure the sample window has the components anchored. The button probably to North & West, the bottom part might be all 4 directions.

To easily move everything to left of the container:

  1. highlight all components (or press CTRL+A)
  2. group them
  3. Right click the group and go to "Layout" (CTRL+ L)
  4. Anchor North & West.

shows how often i do this... you can skip steps 2-4

just select everything and give them this layout

You might need to play around with it to get it to do want you want