Adjustable alert time deadband

It is required in our project to make time deadband on specific alarms adjustable. As far I can see, it is fixed at the moment. Is there any way to make it tag driven, like value deadband? Or is there any other mean to make it adjustable? Only way I can think of is gateway script, but this solution requires a DB storing times of my alarm tags and I don’t like it in general.
Thanks in advance.

When the tags are stored in the internal database you only edit the alert time deadband through the designer. You cannot make them dynamic or tag driven. However, you can store your tags in an external database where you can dynamically change any configuration of the tag. Tag a look at this page on external SQLTags providers:

Thanks, your advice actually was useful, but when I implemented suggested solution, some confussion appeared. When I changed alarm time deadband directly in DB, and then tried to check if it worked in “edit tag(s)” window, it remained the one before change. Then I changed it in that window, and it was successfully wrote to DB. Why does this mechanism work in one way? Oh, now it came to my mind, that I probably forgot to refresh the SQLTags Browser, may this be the cause?

No, it is that you must alter the configchange column in order for Ignition to see config changes. You need to also run the following query:UPDATE sqlt_core SET configchange = CURRENT_TIMESTAMP WHERE id = ?

Just want to make a note , this works in V7.3.X, but I was using V7.4 RC1 or 2, the service had to be stopped and started for changes to take effect.

You shouldn’t have to restart Ignition to make config changes. I will look into it for 7.4. Thanks for reporting that.