Adjusting Client-side Memory Settings

Is it possible to adjust the “” and “max-heap-size” settings used in the dynamically generated JNLP files?

Basically, I’m getting complaints that java is using up too much memory for people. While I’m sure its happier with the default 256 MB settings, I’ve been able to run the clients satisfactorily with 128 MB and java will only end up using about 200 MB rather than 400 MB or so we see on some of our machines.

Unfortunately to get java to run with the altered settings is quite a pain so I’m looking for some other options rather than tell people to upgrade their machines. They like to run up to 4 clients, since the computer has 4 monitors attached and that just sucks up most of the memory on the machine.

I dont really like altering the global JNLP files so if its possible to just locally import the settings on the machines in question that would work. However javaws -import seems to ignore the local file and download from the server anyway.

Yeah you can’t really alter JNLP files, because when you load a JNLP file the first thing that JWS does is to download a freshly generated JNLP file off the server.

The good news is: yes, this is a setting you can alter. It’s under the Configuration > Properties >Client > Launching settings in the Designer.

The bad news is: currently the lowest option in the “Maximum” dropdown is 256M. I’ve added a 128M option for version 7.2.

Thanks, I had not noticed those values and look forward to the update.

We temporarily hosted a modified JNLP file on the server that allows us to reference that one with reduced memory requirements. Setting it globally for all users will be something we will have to discuss internally and test further.