Adobe PDF viewer Issue

I am having an issue with the active x adobe PDF viewer. I am running the latest version of IA 7.2.7, and have Adobe reader X installed. The PC in question will not close the viewer in a window when I navigate away. When I run the application from my machine or the server, it functions correctly. The PC is running windows XP. I tried using the built in pdf viewer, but it doesn’t have enough capabilities.

I’d start by checking the version of Reader installed on that PC, and make sure it’s the same version that is working correctly on the other machines.

Both my machine, and the PC in question are running reader X. It still has the issue.

Ok, next two questions:

  1. Is this a new problem as of 7.2.7 or is this a new thing you’re working on?
  2. Does the issue happen for any PDF or is it only some PDFs?