Affordable Smart TV's that have Java (JVM)

I want to be able to test out OEE displays in my office on a not so expensive (think Samsung UXN) TV that has Java (a JVM). Can anyone make any good recommendations? No idea what my budget would be yet, but I want to know what is going to be the minimum price point and some of those models.

Why use a “Smart” TV instead of a dumb TV and a computer-on-a-stick or RPi?


Basically, all smart TV platforms have their own application environment, and it’s hard to run something neutral (like a Java Swing app) on it.

Your best option would indeed be a mini PC of some kind.

I have an application running on a $130 Intel Compute Stick plugged into the back of a TV. Simple, cheap and works.

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I have been using a TLC/zero client with Vizio monitor for last 7 years.