After hitting Enter Key have focus on button in perspective view

Greetings; It’s me again lol. Quick question is it possible to have it set so that when the “Enter” key is pressed in a text field it automatically targets a corresponding button? Case in point I have users on the floor that ONLY have a scanner, it scans correlating data and returns values from a SQL table. Since there is no keyboard/mouse attached to the computer I’d prefer to have it when “Enter” is hit (Which is programmed into the logic of the scan) it targets a button that just refreshes the scan screen. So in essence they scan once to input the data which returns correlating information regarding the part, and then they scan again for the Enter press to reset the window…If that makes sense.

Attached is photo of the vision screen to possibly help explain a little better:

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Anyone doing anything like this? Not sure how to set a focus and if that’s a possibility in perspective, thanks