After starting client runtime all tag group has to be restarted :(

I am looking for advise what might be the reason for client not showing the value of the tags until the whole group is restarted which obviously has negative consequences like reseting the value of the tags.
Any advise how to troubleshoot that will be welcome

How did you bind the tags to the things you want to show in the client?

thanks for reply. One group of tags are local tags in 1 real time provider on the gateway. The other group are from the OPC server. Is it answer to your question?

Not quite.
From your question i understand you are displaying a value from a tag in the view in the client?
How did you do that?
something like this? or with a script?

Pretty sure this is a bug which may already have a ticket, or a related ticket about tags requiring restarting in certain (frequently encountered) circumstances @cmallonee are you able to check?

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thanks a lot for feedback

it was from the scripts
thanks for trying to help

Show the script and how you trigger the script^^