After update fail to write to tag using server

Greeting everyone, I dont know is this the right place to ask a question. Sorry if it is not.

My situation is when I am using Ignition 7.8.3 everything work perfectly but after I update to 7.9.5 the program seem to malfunction. At early start up you can write and read to tag with server but after few minutes, you can no longer write to it. Any idea why this will happen?

Server: OPC Factory Server
Ignition OPC setting : Read only false

Image below is the error

Write timed out seems pretty obvious – the OPC server has too much to do. You should look at the gateway logs. Also look at the driver diagnostics to see what your response times are.

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I suggest, update to the latest 7.9.9 and see if it works. If NOT:, provide OS, Java version details and wrapper.log file to speed up support from Igntion.

BTW, chk this link.

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Thanks for your time and advice. I will have a look into what u say and come back to you when I have a result. Good day sir =)

Thanks for trying to help. Really appreciate it. Will have a look of the video and look at what you have mentioned. Thanks =)