After upgrade, changing label property adds a border (8.1.29)

Upgraded a client from 8.1.27 to 8.1.29 today.
After the upgrade, whenever the name of a label component (Vision) is changed, the label gains a border.

This only seems to effect labels that existed before the upgrade, newly created labels don't have this issue.


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Do you have any reports in your project? 8.1.29 was pulled due to a regression with displaying reports. 8.1.30 out tomorrow.

I've seen some strange things with fonts in Vision when upgrading to 8.1.28... here. Not sure about your issue, I didn't notice that in our upgrade, could have been introduced in 29 though

Yup, we were working with support ahead of the announcement. We ended up bumping to the 8.1.30 nightly in order to resolve things before tomorrow.

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