Again with OPC AE and Ignition

Hi guys!

I've read some/all post touching this A&E subject in the forum, but if you don't mind (I know you don't :wink:), I'd like to wrap up a few points which are confusing us:

  1. We have a few SCADA systems (not Ignition) with configured Alarms & Events.
  2. We'd like to send the data involving those alarms to Ignition, which we're using just as a data hub for storage and visualization, for consolidation and analysis. We'd like to avoid having to duplicate all the tags and alarms in Ignition.

Is this -theoretically- possible? As I understand:

  1. On the SCADA side, I just need an OPC AE Server.
  2. On the Ignition side, I need an OPC AE Client, which Igntion still doesn't have, I know but...can we use a third party (TP) OPC AE Client, and connect it -somehow- to Ignition's OPU UA Client. Something like:

TP SCADA -> TP OPC AE Server -> TP OPC AE Client -> Ignition OPC UA Client -> Igntion

I'm not sure an OPC AE client can output the information in a format that would be readable by an UA client or any other human-readable format that Ignition can ingest.

Thanks and regards.

PD: The usual disclaimer: not an integrator, just a curious challenger.

I doubt there's anything that changed since Kevin's answer last year:

So, maybe.

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