AIM Server Connection to Ignition

I currently have a Ignition running on a VM with two OPC-DA connections. One is to a DeltaV Server. The other is to a Foxboro AIM Server. The Delta V Connection works fine, but the AIM Server does not. When creating the connection, the Server is detectable and the connection is made. But when I attempt to read any data, it always throws errors. In the Ignition Designer, this is usually a read timed-out error. When I attempt to read from the quick client on the gateway, I get the following.

Value: null
Quality: [NOT_CONNECTED] null
Timestamp: 5/18/18 12:54:44 PM MST

But the server still says it’s connected. Occasionally, the status of the server briefly changes to closed, then back to connected. I have tried altering my DCOM setting which has not been helpful. I am not sue what further options I can explore.