Airlink GX400 recieve sms acknowledgement

I have an Airlink GX400 and I know the GX400 isn’t specifically covered for Ignition and the LS300 is.
I have a GX400 setup and sending SMS messages for Alarms by following the same setup as the LS300.
Just wondering how different the models are for receiving sms? As I can’t seem to acknowledge alarms via sms when two way is enabled in the alarm notification.
I can see the incoming sms acknowledgment on the GX400 but Ignition doesn’t seem to be picking it up

I have a pc on a fixed ip of
and the gx400 on an ip of

I just wondering if I have missed something in the setup.
attached is my ignition setup and GX400 setup.
Hopefully someone can help


Fixed it. Added the Incoming UDP port (17342) to the Firewall and all incoming messages are now working

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Just ran into this with an RV50x, and switching to UDP solved it for me as well.

The gateway port reference page is mislabeled - it lists 17341/17342 as TCP ports. Both should be UDP per Airlink/ALEOS documentation, pg 173 steps 6-7.

I’ll let someone know the documentation needs to be updated.

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