Airlink RV50 and Ignition

I am trying to get my Airlink RV50 modem to send alarm notifications but I am not receiving any texts from it. We have manually tested the Airlink and it can both send and receive text messages. The users (with SMS number details), roster, alarm notification profile (I can ping the modem's IP), and alarm pipeline (When I monitor the alarm pipelines in the gateway I can see the number of items in the pipeline increase when I turn on alarms with test tags), yet the pipeline notification block doesn't seem to be sending any info to the modem (using Wireshark to track this).

I've tried turning off my firewall and gone through all the settings multiple times. Any help would be appreciated!

A bit more info on the problem here in these logs.

I'm having the same problem, any luck with a solution? @Eoin_Hourigan