AirLink RV50 with redundancy

Step 6 of the guide to setting up the RV50 for Ignition requires typing in the IP address of your Ignition gateway, but what do you do if you have redundant gateways?

Hmm, it looks like there’s a couple issues with using one of these in a redundant setup.

I think you’d need two of them, one for each gateway, but then the notification profile settings also need to gain an additional “Backup Host Address” setting that gets used when on the backup gateway in a redundant pair.

Hi Ben :slight_smile:
Have you figured out how to configure the RV50 for a redundant pair of gateways? I have the same problem. If the backup server is the active gateway I receive the sms notifications in the case of an alarm, but I am not able to acknowledge the alarm since the RV50 is trying to send an ack message only to the configured master address.

Ah sorry I wasn’t able to get this working. I actually just went for the Twilio module.I think it needs some updates from IA to get it working as Kevin described above.

Ah okey, I see.
Thanks for your response!

We are seeing the same issue. Is there any enhancement request in the Ignition Que to address this issue?

I am currently waiting for a reply on my support ticket on this issue.

Following - there are several redundant applications where I’d like to have redundancy on the RV50 as well either through a single RV50 or two of them.

I just made sure there’s an issue for this in our system. Bug your support reps to get it prioritized. Reference IGN-2188.


Having the same issue. Any update?

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Bump - any updates?