Airlink XE as backup

Our customer wants to send out text messages via email as their primary method of alert notification, but wants to have a backup method in case their internet goes down. They currently use Win911, but that will change once we implement their Ignition installation. I have recommended using the SMS notification module and an Airlink XE as their backup system. Is it possible to set up a ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ notification method using both internet and SMS? Alternatively, could they use a cellular modem or router to simply redirect network traffic if their primary internet goes down? (ie: use a primary and secondary addressing scheme in Windows, allowing them to still reach the internet via the cellular router)

Any information would be helpful. Thanks.

With a alarming pipeline you can have a primary and secondary notification block setup with first being the email notification and the second being sms. Then you can use a python script to validated internet access with the urllib2 library , with the internet_on() function. With this function you could have it on a timer script that check after fixed period of time to make sure that the internet is available. If this returns false then have it right a 0 to a memory tag that is being check by a expression block to see the state of the tag when a alarm event is fired.

Awesome! Once I get the Airlink Ill set it up and give it a shot! Thanks!