Alarm Acknowledge - Perspective


I have different views in my project and different tags which holds Alarm information. All my tags are UDTs and alarm definition resides in the UDT. I have the symbols (different views) for each UDTs. I used the symbols in different pages. Then I want to Acknowledge the Alarms by using the common button in the header, now whatever the symbols in Alarm and whatever symbols available in this view only should acknowledge not the symbols in the other view. Any help on this will be appreciated.

Hi @suram-in,

In order to acknowledge a select set of alarms belonging to UDT's on a given view all at once, you'll need to use a script that calls system.alarm.acknowledge(). That function takes a list of alarm id's and acknowledges all of those alarms. You'll just need the script to pull in the alarm id's for the alarms belonging to the UDT's linked to your symbols on the view that a user is looking at.

You may need to use system.alarm.queryStatus() to get the alarm id's.

Hi Michael,

Thank You @MTekin

Could you please clarify how to find the alarms that are only present in the current view? Is it possible to extract alarm information that only includes the symbols in Alarm in the current view? Prior to using system.alarm.acknowledge to acknowledge the Alarms, I must have this information.