Alarm Acknowledgement not working - 8.0.14

I can’t acknowledge any alarm on the primary gateway. If I restart this gateway and it fails over to our redundant I can acknowledge alarms, then when it fails back to the primary I have 840 alarms that are not acknowledge.

When I select all alarms in the summary and hit acknowledge they go away like they have been acknowledge then come back.

Is there a way to reset the alarm system to clear whatever this issue is? Rebooting the gateway does not seem to help on the primary.

For anyone else that finds this same issue. I worked with tech support and I can’t acknowledge alarms if there is 100 or more unacknowledged alarms in a redundant system. I had 960 some alarms that were not acknowledged as it just kept building up from startup and not being able to acknowledge for the last 3 weeks.

The solution for now is to disable the redundancy and acknowledge the alarms on the primary which does work and then re-enable redundancy. Tech support is looking into the issue.