Alarm Acknowledgement


Aim: enter the pipeline to begin notifying each user in the roster until it is acknowledged. If after a certain time period the alarm is still active, in effect unacknowledge the alarm and begin the pipeline process again.

Problem: it seems there is no method to unacknowledge an alarm. So instead, I tried to attach a custom ‘responseReceived’ property to the alarm event which could be set when an acknowledgment response is received (e.g. by email), and cleared after the certain time period. When ‘responseReceived’ is set, the ‘eventCanceled’ property should also be set to drop out of the notification pipeline. However, I haven’t managed to achieve the expected result for ‘eventCanceled’, as outlined in the user manual:

So, what I’d like to know is, how should the ‘eventCanceled’ property be used, or, is there a better way to achieve the desired result?

I just realised this won’t work anyway unless there is a way to edit the alarm event’s property outside of the pipeline. Is there?