Alarm acknowledgment failed - It may no longer be registered

A client is getting these errors when trying to acknowledge any alarms.

This is what the wrapper log reports:

An alarm could not be acknowledged. It may no longer be registered. Event details: 826ab271-10a9-4968-a09e-3c06a78b404d / {{ackUser=usr-prov:AdminsDB:/usr:nickm, eventTime=Thu Aug 25 11:50:20 ACST 2022}}

(@witman, looks like a log msg coming from you! :smile:)

Any ideas?

:smile: Saw this earlier today. Might be related :face_with_monocle:


This is still present after upgrading to 8.1.20. Has anyone figured out what causes this?

We are seeing the same thing. Any resolutions?
We already moved the ack code to an asynchronous thread.

BUMPING for some insights?

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