Alarm acknowledgment for multiple alarms from the same tag

I scripted out some things to use a 3rd party service to notify operators about alarms.

The only problem I’m having is in the following scenario:

Tag A goes in to alarm, then clears. (We’ll call this alarm 1).
Tag A goes in to alarm then clears. (Alarm 2).
Tag A goes in to alarm then clears. (Alarm 3).
Then, Someone acknowledges all the alarms from the ignition alarm component.

When I use system.alarm.queryJournal to look up alarms 1 and 2 by their uuid, they are shown as unacknowledged. Is there another property to look at to see that alarm 3 has been acknowledged and ‘supersedes’ (idk) the first two alarms?
This is important as I’m scripting a separate database table to keep track of who was notified about an alarm, and how it was acknowledged (by a response in the third party system, or directly in ignition).