Alarm active and ack won't clear

I have two Alarms that say they are active and have been acknownledged. I changed the settings to try and clear the alarm. They both still cause the alarm status to indicate that I have active alarms which I should not. Please help me to resolve this problem.
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Bryan Root
City of Winfield

What version of Ignition are you running? There may be a problem with you alert cache, in which case you could delete the ‘.alerts’ file in the Ignition installation directory.

version 7.4.2

Are these the only two alerts in the system? Can you post a screen shot of the alert configuration?

No, I have a half dozen other alarms. They function fine. I set these two up early on and then adjusted these two specific alarms for a different range. Once I did this the alarms won’t clear that have the old settings. I will work on getting some screen shots. the system is not on the web so I will have to transfer files from one computer to another.

While your at it, grab a gateway backup too. That way I can try replicating the issue on a VM here.

Here are some screen shots. I have a backup file but it won’t allow me to attach it.

Are you using SQLTags located in an external DB? I have had problems in the past with what I’ve termed to tech support as “orphaned” alarms when I’ve changed an alarm name or setting after it has already alerted and been left unable to ack or clear them. Real pain in the butt that I’ve only been able to resolve by unchecking the “apply alarms across restarts” setting under the gateway config, then restarting the gateway. Would love to hear a better solution!

Jsham brings up a good point – have the tag names been changed recently? Or perhaps the tags that are driving the alert set-points?

Go ahead and email in a csv export of your SQLTags to so I can take a closer look.

Sorry I have been put on another project for a few weeks. I will get back with you then about this problem.

Sent Backup file to you in email.


I would look closely at the reported Path and State name and see if they actually match the exact values of the current tags. When tags are modified, or moved, they’re supposed to send out a “deregister” message that clears the previous states. If for some reason that didn’t happen, it could be that you moved these two tags while they were previously active, and now there’re no running tags to provide a different state (the alarm state is driven by messages sent by tags- the two systems aren’t actually linked. In other words, the alarm state system wouldn’t know if those tags actually existed or not. This will be changing in 7.6)

If you notice a difference, probably the easiest thing to try would be to send a clear message to the system by hand, using Alerting>Console>Test in the gateway. You just need to specify the following:
System: SQLTags.default
Path: EP12B50/UnitId 50/50_mo… (<- fill in the rest, which I can’t see in the screen shot)
State Name: New State (or the other one)
Severity: doesn’t matter
Value: doesn’t matter
Message Type: Cleared

When you click Post Alert you should see the alarm disappear immediately. If not, some field didn’t match exactly.

Hope this helps,

Just checking to see if this resolved the OP problem. I dont want to delete the email you sent in, or its attachments, if the problem still exists.