Alarm Active and Cleared Unacked not zero

Hi everyone,

I've recently had a bug where either Active Unacked or Cleared Unacked would not go to zero even though there is no such of these alarm states. The system has been running for more than a year with a script where I get the Unacked alarms and Ack them (operator pushing a physical Ack button). So today is acked as it was not acknowledging and indeed the tags in Gateway/alarming were not zero.

One time is was the Cleared Unacked, second time was Active Unacked. The first time I eventually saw a Clear/unacked alarm in the Journal..but it was an alarm that the Alarm Eval is disabled (I do have a bunch of those). Currently it's stuck with 1 in Active Unacked.

I've updated to 8.1.33 about 2 months ago but it just started doing that yesterday.

Is it something that was corrected in a newer version?