Alarm active counter?

I try to create a counter attached to each alarms with the number of active occurences (+1 each times the alarm become active). Reset when the alarm is acknowleged.

Moreover I need to display this counter associated to each alarm in the alarm status component…

It’s not possible with Alarm’s associated property and alarm’s script event …
Any Idea ?

the result required is like the buildIn Active Duration displayed in the alarm status component.

Not sure if this what you are looking for. But i think, you can tweak and customize it to suit your requirement.

This Alarm counter template can filter any string in the “Template properties/Displaypath” filter and can display the filtered alarms count. This is case insensitive. You can cross check by filtering Alarms in the “Alarm status table/Display Path Filter” and copy/paste the same string into this template’s filter.

Note: “Alarm status table/Display Path Filter” is case sensitive.

Github – AreawiseAlarmsCounter.proj

Thanks for your example, but I need to display the count for each alarm in the alarm status list…:disappointed:

Do you mean a column displaying the counts for each Alarm, embedded in the Alarm Status Table component?.

Yes it is the requirement.

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