Alarm/alert reactivation

I am using Ignition version 7.7.
Is it possible to reactivate an acknowledged alarm that has not been cleared ?
The requirement is that if the alert is acknowledged but not cleared for a duration of 15 mins or so the alert should reactivate so as to draw the attention of the Operator. This would be useful during Operation Shift Change over.

Looking forward to a solution.


Currently there is not a native way to reactivate an alarm. The only way to make an alarm active is if the value of the associated tag meets the set point on the alarm. Reactivating would entail manually changing the value of the tag to a cleared state, and then back to an active state.

Alternatively you could create a 2nd alarm on the tag with the same set point (perhaps with a higher priority though) and set the active delay property to 15 minutes. This way when the tag enters an alarm state the first alarm would go off, and if the alarm event is not cleared within 15 minutes a 2nd alarm event would become active.

Why not shelve the alarm for 15 minutes instead of acknowledging it.