Alarm and trend configuration lost when transferring UDT from edge to MQTT server

I tried to transfer all tags from Edge to Cloud Server via MQTT. The tags can be transferred together with its UDT, but the alarm and historian configured in the UDT are lost.

Can anyone help to advise why and how it can be resolved?

Here’s the alarm configured for the UDT tags sitting in the edge device.

But I couldn’t find the alarm configuration when they are transferred to MQTT Server.

Does anyone have similar issue before?

Can you clarify here? Is your setup something like this?

Ignition Edge -publish-> MQTT Broker <-consume- Ignition #2

and you expect alarms defined on tags in the Edge gateway to be present on MQTT tags from that broker in gateway #2?

Hi Kevin,

Yes, I have a NUC running edge panel and iot license as a local HMI, meanwhile sending all data via MQTT to the cloud Ignition gateway. All alarm and historian configuration of the tags in the UDT definition were gone. for example, the “almHi” tag has been transferred over, but the alarm configuration and historian configuration of this tag were gone.
What I am doing now is to create another set of tags in the gateway referring the MQTT node tags, and recreate the alarm and historian configuration for these tags.
This is kind of redundant configuration but I have to get the project going.

I don’t think this functionality is available when using MQTT to connect the gateways.

Sounds like you want to set up a Gateway Network connection between the two and use a Remote Tag Provider.

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I know this is an old post but I thought I would try to add some clarity. Back in 2017 MQTT did send meta data (history) along with the tag. It was pretty handy to be able to duplicate history as the OP requested. However, the feature was easily broken so it was removed and most meta data is no longer connected to the MQTT tags.

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