Alarm animation

What would be the way to do the following
Say you have a tag with 4 alarm level
HI 80
LO 20

What I’m trying to do is to animate the display of the current value of the tag based on the alarm level that it is ack or not. So say I want RED in HIHI YELLOW in HI and so on, when the value is 91 I want RED does not matter if it is ack or not, it is just above the HIHI threshold, it if goes back to 40 which is normal in my case, then I want to display Green. I seems to understand that I can animate based on ACK or NON ACK alarm but not really on CURRENT ALARM…Did I miss something ?.thanks

I can’t recall in v7, but you should be able to read the “.IsActive” property for each of your alarms.

In v8 for example you can read:


Where ‘Path/To/Tag/Level’ is the full tag path of your tag.

What I don’t really understand is that there is no currentAlarm
there is an AlarmHighestUnackName and an AlarmHighestackName where is the current alarm ?
Even if the animation needs to be done by script there is no data source to do it


So in 7 there’s no ‘Alarms’ property underneath your level tag?

Hi, Sorry I was unclear, when I go to say the Label and try to bind I can select TAG. there there is a list of properties related to the alarm, see the file(upload://d39wQvUb28RPP92DivMnkiyHAWE.jpeg)

However none of this property is the current alarm, one of the them is the Highest unack alarm in the priority but it is only there as long as the alarm is unack same for ack… So what is the property that gives access to the current alarm no matter if it has been ack or not


Not sure what happened to that upload, you can just copy and paste screen captures from the clipboard directly into your post.

Did you try the tag address I gave you?