Alarm best pratcices

Newbie alert!
Just starting to build and configure my first project and I am at an impasse with alarm configuration and notifications.

My plan is to have one main “supervisor” type application with many child applications on the same server. The “supervisor” app will be able to see all alarms of the child apps as well as be notified of the alarms. Each child application will be autonomous of the other.

Looking at the system, there seems to be about 20 different methods to make this happen. Anyone care to share with me some best practice tips?

Thanks all!

Give each of the children a different realtime SQLTags provider in the gateway. In the designer, select that SQLTags provider in the project properties that goes with the child. Add alerts to tags for that child. Do the same for the other children, making sure to change the SQLTags providers in the project properties. Now, add a table for the supervisor. This will show all the alerts of all the children. For the children, add a table and add a filter to the System Filter in the Property Editor. The filter will look like this

SQLTags.Name of SQLTags provider

Thank you!
Would this separate out everything like audit history too?

let me clarify, the tables that you would be adding to the children and the supervisor would be the alert tables.

If you want the supervisor to see audits, then you could use a table and run a query against AUDIT_EVENTS.