Alarm Cleared at the same time it is set active

I’m in version 8.1.1. I have an alarm that is set at “Below SetPoint” with a value of 10. I was not able to get my Active Pipeline to trigger, and I think I found out why. My alarm, for no reason get cleared as soon as it is set Active. At the moment of this screenshot, the value is still at 9 (the alarm should be active), I have a timestamp that the alarm was active, but it was also cleared at the same time

Have you looked at this alarm in an Alarm table? The only time I’ve seen active/clear times match is when the Live Event Limit has been reached. But that wouldn’t explain the EventState being “Clear”. If you can take a couple of minutes, place an alarm journal table into you project (I find Perspective to be easier) and filter on the name of your alarm.

Already done that but no luck. This is a pretty new system, there is only 4 tags with alarm. 2 Equals that work and 2 below setpoint that do nothing

What do you see when looking at the alarm journal while filtering on your alarm name?
Are these memory tags, or device tags? If memory, you could send me an export and I could investigate what you’re seeing.

I just activated the alarm journal. In the alarm table I have the following

When I export the tag (or Copy Json). Changed some values

  "valueSource": "opc",
  "opcItemPath": "ns\u003d1;s\u003d[Equipment]N17:0",
  "historicalDeadbandStyle": "Auto",
  "alarms": [
      "mode": "BelowValue",
      "entityCode": "SomeValue",
      "anyChange": true,
      "activePipeline": "generalscripting/stage/testingNotification",
      "name": "Line Slow",
      "shopNo": "SomeNumber",
      "setpointA": {
        "bindType": "Expression",
        "value": "10"
      "CustomEmailSubject": {
        "bindType": "Expression",
        "value": "concat(\"Vitesse de la ligne \", {shopNo}, \" réduite à \", {Value},\" à \",{Timestamp})"
      "enabled": {
        "bindType": "Tag",
        "value": "[.]../Config/AlarmActive"
  "tagType": "AtomicTag",
  "engUnit": "FPM",
  "scaleMode": "Linear",
  "readOnly": true,
  "dataType": "Float4",
  "historyProvider": "Datacenter",
  "name": "Speed",
  "historyEnabled": true,
  "opcServer": "Ignition OPC UA Server"

You should contact support for further assistance. Without a clear view in the alarm journal of all of the most recent events for your alarm I can’t help you diagnose this any further.

@calimero100582, I think there may be an issue with the “Any Change” alarm mode setting (when in “Below Setpoint” configuration) that I’ll look into further. Try disabling that to get you going in the meantime…

Thanks, trying it, waiting for the next alarm.

Looks promising as I tested with a test equipment, and the alarm was cleared with any changes, but triggered at the moment I removed any changes

@calimero100582, I think that is going to be your fix… And in reviewing the docs, it looks like the behavior shown for “Any Change” configuration is expected:

Note that even with that particular configuration setting at the default of “False”, the alarm will still evaluate with every change of the driving value, but there won’t be repeated events on further value changes once in alarm.

missed that from the docs