Alarm Console, IA labs scripting module

Windows 2008 R2; 64 bit; 6 GB Ram; 2@2.66GHz Proc

Upgraded from 7.5.5 now on 7.6.0-beta1 (b1613); running Java 7 R13 - 1.6.0_31

The Alarm console window stops functioning while it appears to try and load all of my alarms into the window. and returns a “Localhost is not responding due to long running script (with a stop script button)” error in IE. The frame flashes from time to time that is trying to display all the alarm tags.
We have 114 UDT tags with 18 legacy alarms within each UDT.

IA Labs Scripting module is faulted - it’s expecting FrameworkVersion=4. We will definitely need this one fixed!

At the top of the Ignition! home page characters are above the top header “/]]>/ /]]>/” Not a big deal, just wondering…

Thanks for the details. What version of IE are you using?

The scripting module will be updated at some point… I think we’re going to finalize the SDK changes next week. Perhaps we can get an update to you by the end of the week, though.


Version 9.0.8112.16421
Update Versions: 9.0.7