Alarm Count for multiple projects

So I have an icon on our menu that shows how many unacknowledged alarms there are for a time. We have used it with success - code below.

What I am running into now is I have a system that has two separate projects. The alarm queue is shared between the systems so alarms from both projects go into the alarm summary. It is easy to filter them in the projects for views and stuff, but I can’t seem to figure out how to do it for the alarm count - anyone have any great idea?

“displayPath=’*’).rowCount”, 1000)

Thanks in advance!

How are you filtering them for different views in the projects?

Have you tried using the path or displayPath parameters for the queryAlertStatus function?

… that would probably work. It is the same way I filter them on the alarms summary page. I will update and let you know. Can’t believe I didn’t notice that before lol.

Seems, that “system” parameter is ignored. We have divided or alarms into two systems: A and B. Journal page of configuration looks like AaaaaAlarms and BbbbbAlarms.
When i try to make a query like:
runscript(“system.alert.queryAlertStatus(activeAndAcked = 1, activeAndUnacked = 1, cearAndUnacked = 1, clearAndAcked = 0, minSeverity=0, system = ‘AaaaaAlarms’).rowCount”)

I can put whatever as a system parameter and nothing is changed. It always results as total alarm count defined in the system, in both journals.
Displaypath filter can not be used since we have many objects and every one of them has its unique Display path.

Any workarounds?
Thank you!

Have Broken my head with founding a solution. No luck so far, but:

No system parameter is used with newer Alarm system when storing items to the system. In the database the column is called “source” where the Alert system information is provided. Is the queryAlertStatus function updated?
Note am asking items not from the database, it was kind of troubleshooting :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t be using the system.alert.querAlertStatus function with the newer alarming. You will need to use the system.alarm.queryStatus function. … status.htm