Alarm Custom SMS Message

I have an existing alarm pipeline that I am adding alarms to call out on. The message is

At {eventTime|hh:mm:ss}, alarm "{name}" at "{displayPath}" transitioned to {eventState}.

However, my new alarms use the label and display path properties instead of the name and display path properties. So, the new alarms also have the custom message property set at the alarm configuration level on the tag:

At {eventTime|hh:mm:ss}, alarm "{label}" at "{displayPath}" transitioned to {eventState}.

However, the alarms that I'm seeing still use the message that is configured within the pipeline. Should it not be using the custom message?

If the existing alarms had the active event before you made the change, they won't be changed. They have to be inactive first and the next time they become active, they should have the change.

Yes, I understand that it will not retroactively update alarms already in the database. I'm talking about new alarms that went out after the change.

If you made changes to the pipeline message, it should indeed be changed in new alarms in my experience.

No changes to the pipeline message, just the custom sms message property in the alarm configuration