Alarm Display Path expression missing Alarm Properties


Ignition 7.9.5

I’ve been setting the expression for the display path of alarms for tags within UDTs just fine using Alarm Properties (E.g. {PathToParentFolder}, {TagName}, etc.), however i’m trying to do the same thing for tags outside of UDTs just created manually within the Tags folder structure, but these properties don’t seem to exist…

When I click on the ‘{ }’ button within the Alarm Display Path Expression binding, nothing shows up in a drop down list. When I use the same expression that works for tags within a UDT and the alarm is triggered, the alarm properties don’t substitute and I end up with an alarm display path of: {PathToParentFolder} {TagName}

The expression I’m using for both UDTs and non-UDT alarm expressions is:
replace(replace(replace('{PathToParentFolder}', '/', ' '),'Berri ', ''), 'Alarms', '') + ' {TagName}'

Is this a bug in this version? Does anyone know if this is fixed in 7.9.6?


TTBOMK, those properties have never existed outside of UDTs, as they are computed when a tag is instantiated from a UDT, not when the alarm occurs. You need to submit a feature request, not a bug report.

I just tried that and…

If that’s what you meant…
EDIT: I’m using 7.9.6…

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Yes, that’s what I meant. It looks like it’s working in the new version. When I click on that { } button it doesn’t do anything in 7.9.5!

Cheers, I’ll see if we can upgrade our customer’s gateway version.