Alarm Display Path Incorrect

I have an alarm set up to use parameters from my UDT to fill in the Label and Display path.

This seems to work for most of my tags, but I have some UDTs that have issues showing the display path correctly.

For instance,

This is the UDT definition.

Parameters are filled out like so:

So, why does this appear in the alarm table:

The label fills in correctly but not the display path. I even switched the alarming tag to memory and then back to OPC to clear it. Same display path when it came back.

So this is just a bug that we have to live with?

No response here doesn't mean that there isn't an answer, just that the community probably doesn't know the answer. (I don't.)

You should open a support ticket so that someone with access to the source code can help you.

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Has this alarm changed state since the display path configuration was added? Most (all?) alarm parameters are only evaluated on state change (active, acked, cleared)

Syntax of the expression was off

{Device_ada}  | {Display_Path_ada}

should be

{Device_ada} +" | "+ {Display_Path_ada}


It appears that there is an issue with the expression on the Display Path. The current expression doesn't correctly recognize the "|" symbol as a valid syntax. To fix this, I recommend using the following expression:
{Deviceada} + " | " + {DisplayPath_ada}

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glad it worked! :smile: