Alarm does not send out custom message

Has anyone come across an issue where a custom subject/message fails to deliver from an alarm tag and instead sends out the subject/message in the pipeline?

Can you show us what result you are seeing and your configuration?

I have an alarm with the Email Notification Properties filled in for Custom Message and Custom Subject. Active Pipeline is a pipeline created with a simple Notification Block with an empty Subject/Message as I want the custom message to send. I occasionally receive my custom subject and message. Other times, I get an empty email.

OK, I think I get it now.
Your notification block is something like this:

And your alarm config is something like this:

This should always work the way you want. Is there a possibility that you have more than one notification configured for the same alarm?

Check the gateway logs to see if you are executing multiple pipelines or if there are any related errors.

You could also have one or more tags that are missing the alarm subject and or message.

Well, multiple alarms may use the same pipeline, would that be an issue? The tags aren’t missing the custom subject or message as it’s part of the default type. Am I using the alarms incorrectly here?

No that’s perfectly fine. The only scenarios that i can think of that could result in what you are seeing are in my previous post. Possibly a binding that results in an error when evaluated, i haven’t tried that though.

Also, the more detailed information, screen shots, code (please use preformatted text button </>) log entries, etc… the more likely we are going to be able to help.