Alarm Email Formatting (v8.1)

I have a table of active alarms (usually no bigger then 25x3) that I’d like to insert into an email. The table is expressed through a dataset memory tag that I populate from a python script at regular intervals. When I input the tag the email returned is “Dataset [26R x 3C]”.

I can input individual columns, but they just output like lists and I don’t know of a good way to make this tabular.

I’m fairly new to the platform so I may be missing something obvious here. As an added bonus, how do you drop down a line in an email message? I’ve tried many different options from other forum posts without success.

IIRC you need to format your email with HTML, <br> for newline as an example.

Context: Emails can be either plain text or HTML. HTML is a markup language (with multiple versions, confusingly) that broadly resembles XML. Email is, generally, restricted to a limited subset of HTML from a long time ago, compared to web browsers which support many, many features not possible in email clients.

So, what you need to do is generate HTML and pass that to whatever email sending functionality you’re using. You can use whatever means you want to generate that HTML; since you want tabular output you should probably look into the table HTML element. HTML Tables

system.dataset.dataSetToHTML exists, and it does, technically, convert a dataset to its HTML representation, but it’s not very good at it - it generates a “whole page” HTML, rather than just a subset, so it wouldn’t be easily embedded in a larger email body you’re generating.