Alarm Enable/Disable - AKA AlertExecEnabled Issue

I have a tag change script that enables/disables AlertExecEnabled for a tag when certian conditions exist. Everytime the alerts are enabled or disabled, the tag overlay of the affected tag shows up for a split second on all clients. Is this normal? How can this be prevented from occuring? Everytime this occurs the operators think something is wrong.


Yes this is normal. When you change the AlertExecEnabled the tag gets reset causing the overlay. I don’t think there is a way right now to change this behaviour aside from opting out on the quality overlay on the component.

This has been fixed for 7.1.9. In addition to flashing bad quality, it was causing additional alert emails to be sent for some customers (depending on the notification setup- the tag sends a “register” event when reloaded, along with it’s active/clear state).

We’ll get a 7.1.9 dev version up today, and plan to release it this week.


Thank you! I am seeing the alarm messages being generated as well.

Thank you for the update.