Alarm enabled property not updating on component binding


I was trying to bind a component property to the .enabled property of an alarm so it only shows if the alarm is enabled. I tried doing it with direct tag, indirect tag and expression bindings but it still doesn’t update. Doing a Script Transform seems to get the right value through readBlocking, but it needs a trigger to continuously check the enabled property. Weird thing is that it seems to update when it goes from false to true, bu it only works once and then it gets stuck (video).

Anyone knows any other way to do this? I’m using 8.1.1.

Edit: tried doing it with tags that bind to the alarm enable and now it updates correctly. Was also doing some work with the alarm priority and setpointA property, but had a similar issue, had to change it to a tag.


It seems that this very usefull property can only be read but not binded.
That’s probably why the property is not available in the tag browser.

I’ve added a feature request.
You can vote for it !

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