Alarm Event Data

Hi guys, apologies if this has been explained elsewhere! I did a search but could not see anything like my thoughts. I want to learn more about the behaviour of alarms in ignition, so i have been watching the SQL data enter as i switch on/off a memory tag (type BOOL). I have attached the records from my test, you can see the eventtype change from 0 to 1 as the tag changes state.

The alarm is set to become active when the state equals 1 and i have left Ack Mode to “Manual”. So i was surprised to see an eventtype 2 creep into the records, from the manual i understand that means Acknowledgement. But no such thing has happened. Anyone else notice this with their system? I am on v8.0.5 currently

You probably ran into the Live Event Limit, documented near the top of this page:


Thanks for the super quick response, that looks exactly like what is happening