Alarm Event Trending

Hello all,

I have numerous alarming events happening and wanted to show trends of particular alarms over time to see if improvements are reducing the frequency of particular issues. I’ve figured out a query that gets me the number of instances per time period (eg day) of a specified alarm - just simple date and count columns, eg:

2018-11-15 3
2018-11-17 1
2018-11-18 7
2018-12-08 1
2018-12-09 1
2018-12-10 2
2019-01-06 4
2019-01-07 14
2019-01-09 3
2019-01-23 1
2019-01-24 1

I wasn’t sure where to go from here and what component would be easiest to configure to show this time based data. I’ve got a screen with a drop down with all the alarm events and a date/time picker to specify the range (eg last week or last 6 months) but not sure how to chart the results. I just want a simple line or bar chart that shows the number of occurrences each day of the specified alarm during the specified period. I don’t want to make this over complicated but I’m not seeing a simple way to achieve this but then I’m not very good with the various charting options!

Thanks in advance for the suggestions!


If you’ve got the query made that can pull out the data, I would make it a named query with a parameter(s) to pull it by date range(start/end dates, number of previous days). Once you have that you should be able to bind that named query to a Chart’s ‘Data’ Property.

If you choose to use a drop down and depending on how your query is written, you may need a custom property or two on the component or on the window to have the dates calculated for the query to grab.