Alarm Filter different projects, same Gateway

Hi guys!
I have one gateway witch is going to contain 2 HMIs from 2 systems. Both projects with their own alarms tags. Each project has its own Tag Provider, however every alarm is shown in every HMIs regardless the project the tags belong to.
How I have to setup the Gateway or the projects from Ignition designer to filter the alarms that belongs to each projects preventing to mix them as it is happening in my projects now? I don’t believe it is required to deploy one gateway for each HMI I need, or it does?

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As you have separate Tag Providers for the projects you can just use the “Source Filter” (located in the properties at the bottom for Alarm Journal and Status tables) to only show the Alerts for that project.

So if your Tag Provider is MyTags and MyTags2 then setting the Source filter to MyTags2 will display only those alerts from MyTags2



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This works awesome!

thank u!