Alarm handling - pipeline

Hi guys,

I was wondering if there was a easy solution to activate alarm notification also when transitioned to inactive?

Now I get an email when transitioned to Active, but would also like to get an notification when inactive on communication alarms. I could make a new alarm when equal to false, but is there a better solution?


You can make another pipeline for that and then select it in the alarm configuration as the clear pipeline. Just make sure to have the cleared dropout condition unchecked for that pipeline.

Thanks for your reply Jordan,

I have the same pipeline set on Ack, Active and Clear pipeline. Still its just active that is being sent.

Don’t forget to uncheck the “Cleared” Dropout condition.

When you select the Pipeline in the Designer it should have something like the attached screenshot.

Sorry for my late follow up. That did the trick Caleb! Thank you alot :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

I have an alarm set to trigger an ‘Active’ pipeline when it becomes active and a ‘Cleared’ pipeline when it becomes cleared. Each of these pipelines notify personnel via email. The ‘Cleared’ pipeline is the same as the ‘Active’ pipeline except that I have unchecked the ‘Cleared’ dropout condition and changed what the email message says.

The ‘Cleared’ pipeline is not triggering. If I test it in the gateway it works.