Alarm Help File tied to alarm click

We have developed a manual to help operators deal with alarms. We have used two previous alarm packages. The first gave us a very large text field for each alarm to cut and paste the information into. The second didn’t have a built in text field. However, it had VBA scripting capability, which allowed us to easily create a mouse click event that when an alarm was clicked in the alarm summary the appropriate section of a Word document was opened by utilizing the “Alarm Name” property of the alarm summary object and opening up a Word document that had the appropriate sections Bookmarked by the “Alarm Name.” Does Ignition have something similar to either of these approaches?

I’m also interested in this… :thumb_right:

You could put the alarm help text you access in the tag.documentation field.

On the alarm table, use a mouseClicked event handler and add the following code:

row = event.source.selectedRow

#Check to see a row is selected and this is the second click.
if row != -1 :
	path =,"Path")

Then create the alarmhelp script to call a message popup.

def alarmhelp(path):
	import system
	title = system.tag.getTagValue(path + ".AlertDisplayPath")
	mess = system.tag.getTagValue(path + ".Documentation")
	if mess != '':
		#This only goes to the output console.
		print "This alarm has no page on record."

As a side note, I would bet you could adjust your VBA code over to python. May need each client to have access to the Word document.


We’ve also added the feature to display the selected alarm’s “Notes” in a big text field next to the alarm status table. You have to turn this feature on by setting the property that controls the location of this field from “Hidden” to something else. This feature was added as part of 7.6.3