Alarm History Component Details Function

In the Alarm history Component when selecting an alarm from the grid and then going to the details for that alarm the properties are not showing up correctly for the alarm in the details popup. If you do the same thing in the Active Alarm component it seams to displays the details correctly.
Running 7.6.1 b2

Bit more info on this it looks like everything is showing up correctly in the details except the mode. It show Equal no matter how alarm is configured. Again it shows up correctly in the Active alarms component.

Yeah, I think that’s because the journal doesn’t actually store that information by default, so since the information is missing it shows the default. If you want, you could check the option to store “Static Config” on your journal and it should show up.

Ok so the Active alarms component then must be pulling its info straight from internal tag db then? Just wanted to make sure that is the case since it info shows up correctly.

Yep, you got it.

Ok that make perfect sense Thanks for the info Carl.