Alarm History DB access

I have an alarm journal window which is accessing an Oracle database. This DB connection is setup and established using a certain user permission. However access to the ALARM_EVENTS and ALARM_EVENT_DATA isn’t accessible. I did try using the database console and did not see any tables. I then tried accessing the ALARM_EVENTS table and put the user permission in front of the table name and I was able to access it. Outside of setting up another DB connection with different permissions is there anyway to access the DB for the alarm journal by including permissions in another way?

For example this doesn’t work when querying ALARM_EVENTS:


This does work:

I have the same problem with a trending screen which is accessing tag history with the same permission issue and running into the same problem.

It looks like you need to set up a default schema for the connection. Or perhaps Oracle can do schema fallback.

Perhaps you could try the following:

  1. Config > Database > Database Connections
  2. Cick on edit for the connection
  3. Show advanced options
  4. In listing tables, the schema name will be included in order to create a fully-qualified name.

That should allow the Database Query Browser to list all tables

I am currently logged into the database as a user which wasn’t the owner of the table, however this user I am logged in as has permissions to essentially do everything except create or delete tables. Is there a way to add the owner somehow into the DB connection to allow me to use the DB connection for the Alarm Journal and Trending and Reporting or is my only option to literally create custom scripts to allow me to create a custom Alarm Journal screen and custom scripts to replace tag historian datasource within a report?

Is there anything in the DB connection below that can be changed to add an owner in front of any table I am trying to access? (Connect URL (SID?), Extra Connection Properties, Connection Initialization Commands)?

I checked Include Schema in Table Name but how do I define what the schema name is? I think that may be my ticket to add ga_cfb_dw in front of table names but can’t find how to add or define this schema?

I haven’t done anything significant with Oracle in several years, but you should be looking at its JDBC driver’s documentation for extra connection properties.